Emma Donnan is a ghostwriter with a great range of books under her belt – from the autobiographies of celebrities in popular culture, to soldiers waging war on the front line, she has written for males and females from teenagers to OAPs.

A former journalist, she has used the skills and contacts from her work to turn her hand to getting a whole host of life stories and thoughts down in book form.
It was in 2008 that Emma was first published as part of a book called Best Day Of My Life and got a taste for biography writing. She then went on to have four books published within her first year in the business, including a Sunday Times number one best-seller, establishing herself as one of today’s top ghostwriters.

Emma grew up in Buckinghamshire, and achieved a degree in English and American Studies from Birmingham University. Her career as a journalist began as a news reporter on The Uxbridge Gazette 14 years ago, before she took a year out to live in France. On her return she worked as a freelance journalist, covering everything from court reporting, to film premieres, to news reports.

She became a columnist for News of the World in 2005 and then The People, where she was a finalist in showbiz journalist of the year at the British Press Awards.

Emma then went on to be Assistant Editor at Star magazine, before leaving at the beginning of 2013 to focus further on book writing. As well as publishing to the wider market, Emma also writes privately commissioned books, allowing her to write in a diverse range of areas, from travel to business memoirs.

Working from home, surrounded by her foster dogs and rescue chickens, she also runs Busy Bee PR, a successful literary PR agency. She can transfer the skills from this to her ghostwriting role, to increase the publicity and coverage around a book where required.